LAST UPDATED 12/07/2022

How are you complying with COVID-19 Regulations?
In absolutely every way we can. Ariala’s and Jayliano’s take the regulations very seriously and abide by work health and safety practices to ensure our premises is compliant and safe for all. The team has strict and improved sanitary processes to comply with COVID-19 precautions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


When will the buffet return to normal? 
SELF-SERVE BUFFETS IN QLD ARE BACK! Effective 1am Friday the 25th of June 2021.


Do you sell Gift cards?
Yes, we have gift cards available to purchase in store only, as our POS system issues a physical gift card.


Are drinks included?
Tea, coffee and water is included in the price however alcohol and soft drink is additional cost.


Do we provide discount for Gastric sleeve?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a discount to customers who have had a gastric operation. The buffet is a set price.


Do we have to make a booking?
It is always recommended to make a booking to avoid missing out especially on Saturday nights. If you try to do a walk in on a busy night there is a chance you might NOT get a table.
Please call us on 07 3881 1076 to make a booking, or you can send us a Facebook message. The earlier you book in advance the better, last minute bookings made on Facebook or via leaving a voicemail is not guaranteed.


If I eat less, can I pay less?
No. As we are an all you can buffet with a set price, we simply cannot monitor the amount of food each individual consumes. If we allowed this then we would have to charge double for those who eat double.


Do you have a dress code?
Casual wear is appropriate, but we do not allow tradie work wear. We do accept jandals/thongs.


Discounts for large group bookings or birthdays?
No unfortunately we don’t offer group discounts or birthday discounts.


Do we require deposits for bookings?
Deposits are required for bookings of 15, or more people. 


Do we have to wait if we already have a booking?
Yes, we do ask that you please be patient if there is a line of customers. We do always try our best to get everyone seated as quickly as possible.


Can we bring our own cake?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring in your own cake. We do not charge a cake-age Fee.


Can we bring own decorations and balloons?
Yes, you can, the only thing we do not allow is confetti as it creates a choking hazard for little ones, and a big mess.


How do we order drinks?
At Jayliano’s Strathpine drinks can be ordered through our friendly staff members, which will be added to the table bill. Otherwise if you would like to pay separately for drinks, you are welcome to utilise our Me&U Beacons/QR Codes to pay for drinks from your table as you go. 

At Jayliano’s Brookside drinks can also be ordered separately at the bar using cash or EFTPOS. As well as our friendly staff, or uing the Me&U Beacons/QR Codes.


Do you have bottomless soft drink?
We currently do not have bottomless drink option.


Do we close for private functions?
Unfortunately we do not close for private functions.

Do we have private function rooms for birthday/celebrations?
No, the restaurant is an open floor plan. We do not have function rooms or private rooms.


Do you have gluten free options?
Yes, we have quite a range of gluten free. All our dishes that are, will be labelled on the dishes name tag.


Do you have a senior’s discount?
Yes, seniors must provide the blue and white seniors card they then become $37.50 for lunch and dinner. We do not accept the pensioner’s cards as anyone can be on a pension but not everyone can hold a senior’s card.


What time do you close? / What days are you open?
We do not have a set closing time; it does depend on how busy we are. We can be open as late as 10PM.

We are CLOSED on Mondays.

Our trading hours are

Tuesday to Sunday Dinner. 5:00pm till LATE.

*Currently Jayliano’s Strathpine is only doing lunch on SUNDAYS 11:30am-2:00pm*


What type of seafood do you serve?
Fresh Prawns, Fresh Mussels, marinated octopus salad, crumbed calamari, seafood stir fry, seafood mornay grilled fish, and chilli mussels. All dishes are subject to availability.


Are you hiring?
We are always on the look for potential staff members to join our Jayliano’s Team. Please forward any resumes and relevant documents to review to either:

  • (Strathpine store only)
  • (Brookside store only)


Can I see a menu?
No sorry, we do not have a set menu to forward to you. However, we focus mainly on Western and Mediterranean-style dishes with a hint of Asian cuisine. We have a selection of salads, seafood, stir-fry dishes, pasta, roast, vegetables, steak, homemade desserts and much more.