Terms & Conditions

Respective to restaurant pricing, the current offer is as per the pricing page on the website, and the newly updated ‘Jayliano’s Story’ as seen on the official Jayliano’s Facebook page. For further clarification, the only honoured restaurant pricing can be seen as follows:


Adults eat for $38.50
8-12 year olds eat for $19.50
3-7 year olds eat for $15.50
0-2 year olds eat for free!


Adults eat for $35.00
8-12 year olds eat for $19.50
3-7 year olds eat for $15.50
0-2 year olds eat for free!

Jayliano’s Gift Card allows you to load a dollar value on to your Gift Card for future purchases at valid Jayliano’s stores.  The dollar value that you load onto your Jayliano’s Gift Card is a pre-payment for later purchase of goods and seats.  The Jayliano’s gift card is to be treated like cash.  It cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

  • Guests can purchase gift cards up to the value up to maximum of 2 adult dining meals valued at $77.00.
  • Gift Cards may be combined with other forms of payment such as accepted major credit card or cash.
  • Guest charges in excess of the card’s stored value may be settled with cash or accepted major credit card.
  • Guest may not carry a balance of unused portion of gift for future use at venue nor be able to transfer any remaining balances to cash.
  • Gift cards are not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable.
  • Gift cards prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • All Gift Cards should be purchased at the nominal value and are not subject to discount.
  • Gift cards will not be re-issued in case of loss or theft.
  • Gift cards are valid for twelve months from date of purchase. Any balance on a gift card which is not redeemed within the validity date cannot be used after the expired date.
  • Jayliano’s is not responsible for lost or stolen cards
  • Jayliano’s does not allow the top up of gift-cards

For any more information regarding our gift cards feel free to contact our team!

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